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Dear Friends of the Restoration Authority,


This message is to let you know how we at the Authority are coping with the Coronavirus outbreak, and what you as a grantee, contractor, prospective grantee, or interested citizen can do to help us keep moving forward.



The Authority’s Governing Board seeks 1 individual from Santa Clara County to serve on the Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee will work independently of the Advisory Committee of the Authority, providing a completely independent annual analysis of the work of the Authority, focused on the Authority’s expenditures and finances and on the Authority’s conformance with the requirements of Measure AA. 

Due April 30, 2020


The Authority tracks the impact and progress of the projects it has funded against a series of performance measures and strategic objectives.  This data is reported annually in the Authority's Annual Reports, and is available through Performance Measure Dashboards hosted on EcoAtlas.

The Performance Measure Dashboards can be found here.


The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority has released a call for proposals for Round 3 of Measure AA grants to fund projects that: improve Bay water quality; restore, monitor and maintain habitat for fish, birds and wildlife; use natural habitats to protect communities from floods; and increase shoreline access and encourage public participation in protecting the Bay's health.

Proposals are due by December 13 at 5pm PST.