Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee, which represent the interests of the community and public agencies within the Restoration Authority's jurisdiction, assists and advises the Governing Board.

Contact: Jessica Davenport, Deputy Program Manager,

Myla Ablog
Sole Proprietor, Environmental Consultant/Master's Student

Myla Ablog is a member of the public from San Francisco County. She is an independent environmental consultant and master’s student in environmental management, focusing on wetland ecology and restoration, at the University of San Francisco. She has worked for the non-profit Literacy for Environmental Justice as the Ecologist at Heron's Head Park in San Francisco and for the National Park Service on the Crissy Field Wetland Restoration Project. She has also worked on environmental permitting for Caltrans and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Ana Alvarez (Vice Chair)
Deputy General Manager East Bay Regional Park District

Dr. Ana M. Alvarez is Deputy General Manager at the East Bay Regional Park District, an agency that owns and operates shoreline parcels in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. She oversees the stewardship and development of 40 miles of bay front.

Sara Azat, Fish Biologist
National Marine Fisheries Service

Sara Azat is a Fish Biologist at the National Marine Fisheries Service. She has extensive experience in fishery regulation and management and the evaluation of habitat restoration projects. She has served lead coordinator for interagency groups and work groups involving the public.

Bruce Beyaert
Chair, Trails for Richmond Action Committee

Bruce Beyaert has explored Bay Area restoration sites as a hiker, naturalist and engineer who loves our Bay and values tidal wetlands. He Chairs Trails for Richmond Action Committee, is a Director of the Bay Trail Project, served nine years as a Director of Save The Bay and 16 years on East Bay Regional Park District’s Parks Advisory Committee. Honors include Bay Area Open Space Council’s Open Space Conservation Award.

Carolyn Bloede
Sustainability Program Manager Alameda County

Carolyn Bloede is a member of the public from San Mateo County. As Sustainability Program Manager for Alameda County, she led a collaborative process to develop and implement the county’s first Climate Action Plan. She previously worked on pollution reduction and the remediation of contaminated sites.

Erika Castillo
Regulatory & Public Affairs Director, Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District

Erika Castillo is Regulatory & Public Affairs Director for the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District. She would like to contribute to the success of marsh restoration projects in the Bay Area by ensuring that public health and the perception of wetlands are not negatively impacted by an increase in mosquito populations.

Steve Chappell
Executive Director, Suisun Resource Conservation District

Steve Chappell is Executive Director of the Suisun Resource Conservation District. He has over 20 years of experience in wetland habitat management, enhancement, restoration, environmental permitting, stakeholder outreach, and regional conservation planning primarily in the Suisun Marsh, but also in the Delta and San Francisco Bay regions. 


Adrian Covert
Vice President for Public Policy Bay Area Council

Adrian Covert is Vice President for Public Policy at the Bay Area Council, the region’s largest multi-sector business advocacy association. He has led the Council’s water supply and climate resilience initiatives for over seven years, including co-chairing the Measure AA campaign, and he co-authored a 2015 report on the Bay Area’s economic vulnerability to extreme storm events.

Arthur Deicke
Managing Member, Environmental Pollution Solutions LLC

Arthur Deicke is a member of the public from Sonoma County and serves as Managing Member of Environmental Pollution Solutions LLC. His experience in water quality and pollution prevention includes storm water management and remediation of contaminated soil and ground water. He has also conducted budget reviews for public, private and non-profit organizations.

Gregg Erickson
Regional Manager, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Gregg Erickson is Regional Manager for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, which owns, restores and maintains extensive wetlands around the edge of the San Francisco Bay. He has extensive experience in regulatory consultation, interagency science coordination, advance mitigation, and water quality research. 

Letitia Grenier
Resilient Landscapes Program Director, San Francisco Estuary Institute

Letitia Grenier is Resilient Landscapes Program Director and Senior Scientist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute. She served as the overall science lead and coordinator for the 2015 Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals update for climate change.

Christopher Gurney
Wetlands Program Director, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Christopher Gurney is member of the public from Alameda County. He serves as Wetlands Program Director at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. His role includes identifying, soliciting, evaluating, developing, and implementing wetland and stream restoration projects.

Beth Huning
Coordinator (Retired), San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

Beth Huning is Coordinator of the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, the partnership of government agencies, NGO’s, business, and landowners protecting, restoring, and enhancing wetlands in the region. The partners assist each other with biological and restoration planning, science, habitat design and delivery, including seeking funding for and tracking project progress, and monitoring and evaluation.

Judy Kelly
Executive Director, North Bay Watershed Association

Judy Kelly is Executive Director of the North Bay Watershed Association, a group of 18 regional and local agencies focused on pollution reduction and water supply issues throughout the North Bay region. The former director of the San Francisco Estuary Partnership.

Zahra Kelly
Director of Public Advocacy, Nature in the City

Zahra Kelly is Director of Public Advocacy for Nature in the City, a San Francisco nonprofit organization working to restore wild habitat on private and public land. Nature in the City is San Francisco's first organization dedicated to eco-literacy, conservation, restoration, and stewardship of the city's wild places.

Shin-Roei Lee
Board Director, Chinese American Environmental Professional Association

Shin-Roei Lee is Board Director at the Chinese American Environmental Professional Association. She previously oversaw all water quality regulatory programs at the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board and managed the Watershed Division at the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Rebecca Schwarz Lesberg
San Francisco Bay Program Director, Audobon California

Rebecca Schwarz Lesberg is San Francisco Bay Program Director at Audubon California. She oversees habitat restoration projects focused on salt marsh, eelgrass, and living shorelines restoration. She also has expertise in designing public access and leading community-based restoration events.

Roger Leventhal
Senior Engineer Marin, County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

Roger Leventhal is a Senior Engineer at the Marin County Flood Control &Water Conservation District. He is the official representative for the Bay Area Association of Flood Protection Agencies, representing the interests of flood protection agencies around the Bay edge. He has over 25 years of experience in design and construction of wetland restoration projects and the use of natural shoreline systems for flood risk reduction.

David Lewis
Executive Director, Save the Bay

David Lewis is Executive Director of Save The Bay. He has 19 years of experience in advocacy for Bay marsh habitat acquisition and restoration and associated state and federal funding, as well as advocacy for regulatory policies and funding to reduce trash and marine debris.

Sally Lieber
President Cardea, Center for Women

Sally Lieber is President of Cardea Center for Women, and was a member of the State Assembly, Mountain View City Council member and Chair of the Santa Clara Valley Water Commission. As Assembly Speaker pro Tem, she authored AB 2954, the 2008 San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority Act, which created the Authority.

Christopher Lim
Executive Director, Contra Costa Resource Conservation District

Christopher Lim is Executive Director of the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District. His experience includes community engagement, restoration of native oyster and steelhead trout habitat, and public and private financing.

Jessica Martini-Lamb
Environmental Program Manager, Sonoma County Water Agency

Jessica Martini-Lamb is an Environmental Resources Manager at the Sonoma County Water Agency. She oversees environmental regulatory permitting and compliance, and biological and water quality monitoring for her agency's restoration, water supply, flood control, and sanitation projects. She serves on the San Francisco Estuary Partnership Implementation Committee and manages her agency's Russian River Estuary Management Program.

Shelly Masur
Councilmember, City of Redwood City

Shelly Masur, a Councilmember with the City of Redwood City, has a strong background in community outreach, public health, and regional and local governance.

Mike Mielke
Senior Vice President, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Mike Mielke is Senior Vice President of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a business trade association for technology firms and associated industries. He engages with the public to forge consensus and develop effective programs and partnerships on water, climate and clean energy.

Anne Morkill
San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex Manager, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Anne Morkill is the Manager of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex. With 26 years of experience managing federal public lands, she plays a leadership role along with many partners in major wetland restoration projects, climate adaptation planning, and public engagement efforts around the Bay, including in the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, and Bay Area Ecosystem Climate Change Consortium.

Erika Powell
Flood Protection and Resilience Program Manager, San Mateo County Department of Public Works

Erika Powell is Flood Protection and Resilience Program Manager with the San Mateo County Department of Public Works. She has over 27 years of planning, designing and implementing multi-objective flood protection and habitat restoration projects. A native Spanish speaker, she can communicate with audiences from varying backgrounds and looks forward to helping to lead the development of new partnerships.

Marina Psaros
Principal, Coravai LLC

Marina Psaros is a member of the public from San Francisco. She is the Principal at Coravai LLC and serves as Communications Manager for Power at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. She co-founded King Tides Project, and created Youth Exploring Sea Level Rise Science. She was the public engagement lead for San Mateo County’s sea level rise planning process and advised on Marin County’s sea level rise planning process.

Ana Maria Ruiz
General Manager, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

Ana Maria Ruiz is General Manager of the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, whose mission is to preserve open space lands, restore native habitat and provide ecologically-sensitive public access. She brings a strong technical expertise that is rooted in science and a planner’s analytical mind, along with a personal understanding of a wide range of community needs.

Laura Tam
Sustainable Development Policy Director, SPUR

Laura Tam is Sustainable Development Policy Director for SPUR, a Bay Area think-tank and one of the leading urban planning and policy groups in the United States. Since 2007 she has led SPUR’s research, education, and advocacy work on water management, climate change, sea level rise and green infrastructure.

Laura Thompson
San Francisco Bay Trail Project Manager, Association of Bay Area Governments

Laura Thompson is the San Francisco Bay Trail Project Manager at the Association of Bay Area Governments. She works with dozens of agencies and organizations to complete the 500-mile regional Bay Trail and the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail. She has 17 years of experience advancing shoreline public access along the edge of San Francisco Bay.

Luisa Valiela (Chair)
San Francisco Bay Program Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Luisa Valiela is San Francisco Bay Program Manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where she focuses on improving water quality in partnership with the San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board. She also oversees the San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund, an EPA grant program that has provided over $44 million to protect and restore San Francisco Bay wetlands and water quality.

Diane M. Williams
Health Educator, Planting Justice

Diane M. Williams is a Health Educator at Planting Justice. She has 40 years of experience working in environmental justice. She translates important public health issues to low-income people of color and works to eliminate health disparities.

Bruce Wolfe
Executive Officer (Retired), San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

Bruce Wolfe (retired) is a former Executive Officer of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board. In his nearly 40 years of work with the Water Board, including 13 as its Executive Officer, he was directly involved with all aspects of water quality protection for the Bay Region. His work at the Water Board included over 20 years of oversight of the Bay Region’s habitat restoration projects.

Beckie Zisser
Supervising Program Administrator, Santa Clara Valley Water District

Beckie Zisser is a Supervising Program Administrator in the Office of Government Relations at the Santa Clara Valley Water District, where she works to promote the District’s federally-partnered flood protection and water supply projects. She previously served as the Climate Change Program Manager for Save The Bay, where she worked to secure state and federal funding for Bay restoration.