San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

Potential Project List and Map

San Francisco BayThe San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority maintains a potential project list and map, which provide examples of the types of projects the Restoration Authority could fund. The project list and map last underwent a comprehensive update during the spring and summer of 2017. New information requested, which was not requested in previous updates, included: Cost information (for the current phase, and total project cost), as well as schedule information (for the current phase, and total project schedule). An updated version of the potential project list and map were brought before the Restoration Authority board on June 9, 2017. Minor updates were made following the June 9, 2017 board meeting, as requested by project leads and partners, after reviewing the version of the project list and map brought to the June 9, 2017 board meeting.

The Restoration Authority plans to update the potential project list and map roughly every quarter, and plans to complete the next comprehensive update before the first Request for Proposals is released in September 2017. In between quarterly updates, the Restoration Authority will be accepting updated project information on an ongoing basis. If you have a new project you would like to add to the list, or if you have updated project information that fits into one of the columns on the current list, please reach out to Restoration Authority staff: When submitting your project updates, please follow the table format shown in the current project list.

The Restoration Authority is also working closely with the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture staff on a strategy to streamline project list updates between the Joint Venture and the Restoration Authority, as well as investigate ways to potentially combine the project lists, to eliminate redundancies and the need for project proponents to respond to multiple requests. We apologize for any project proponents that have had to do this in the past, and are working on a smoother and more streamlined process for future updates.

To determine whether a proposed project would qualify for the list, please refer to the Grant Program Guidelines, which are based on the Restoration Authority's enabling legislation, and Measure AA.