San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

Independent Citizens Oversight Committee

The Independent Citizens Oversight Committee is a group of six individuals, operating independently from the Advisory Committee, Governing Board and staff of the Authority to provide an unbiased annual analysis of the work of the Authority. The group is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Annually review the Authority's conformance with Measure AA;
  2. Review the Authority's audits and expenditure and financial reports; and
  3. Publish an annual report of its findings, which will be posted on the Authority's website.

he Oversight Committee will meet at least twice each year: once to discuss and make initial comments on the Authority's annual reports and financial documents; and a second time to discuss, amend, and adopt its findings and recommendations to the Authority, in the form of a written report which will be posted on the Authority's website. For more on the operations of this group, see the official procedural document, Guidelines for the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee.

The Oversight Committee consists of one representative from each of the four regions (North, South, East, and West Bay), and two members from counties not already represented, currently Alameda and San Mateo. Its members are as follows, with all terms commencing on September 21, 2018 for the durations specified:

Andy Rodgers

Sonoma County, representing North Bay

Cindy Darling

Contra Costa County, representing East Bay

Brian Steen

Santa Clara County, representing South Bay

Nancy Cave

San Francisco County, representing West Bay

Barry Nelson

Alameda County

Paul Jones

San Mateo County