San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

Independent Citizens Oversight Committee

The Authority is currently seeking six individuals to serve on the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee. Send your application to by April 18, 2018.

The six member Independent Citizens Oversight Committee has three main roles:

  1. Annually review the Authority's conformance with Measure AA;
  2. Review the Authority's audits and expenditure and financial reports; and
  3. Publish an annual report of its findings, which will be posted on the Authority's website.

The Oversight Committee will work independently of the Advisory Committee of the Authority, providing a completely independent annual analysis of the work of the Authority, focused on the Authority's expenditures and finances and on the Authority's conformance with the requirements of Measure AA. The Oversight Committee will meet at least twice each year: once to discuss and make initial comments on the Authority's annual reports and any financial documents, such as financial audits or reports; and a second time to discuss, amend, and adopt its findings to the Authority, in the form of a written report. Committee members will be expected to review the reports prior to the meetings, and additional meetings may be necessary to complete the required tasks.

The Board seeks six members from all four Bay Area regions and with special subject matter expertise.

Geographic Representation: The Oversight Committee should have at least one representative from each of the four regions, and the two remaining Committee members should be from counties not already represented.

Subject Matter Expertise: Each member of the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee must possess expertise in one or more of the following subject matters:

Factors that Determine Ineligibility for Membership: No person may serve on the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee who:

Terms: The Committee members will generally serve terms of three years, but in the first year, two members shall be appointed to one year terms, two members shall be appointed to two year terms, and two members shall be appointed to three year terms.

Application Submittal, Materials, and Deadline

Contact: Karen McDowell, Restoration Authority Project Manager,