San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

Restoration Authority Grants

San Francisco Bay

The Restoration Authority will achieve its mission through awarding grants to partner organizations to undertake projects that further its goals. Learn more about how the Authority's process will work and review our timeline.


The Restoration Authority Board will make funding decisions at public meetings based on its enabling legislation and the requirements of Measure AA. The Board may fund projects to protect and restore San Francisco Bay for future generations by (1) improving water quality by reducing pollution and trash and engaging in restoration activities; (2) restoring, monitoring and maintaining habitat for fish, birds and wildlife; (3) using natural habitats to protect communities from floods; and (4) increasing shoreline access and encouraging public participation in protecting the Bay's health.

Additional information on funding decisions, including project eligibility, eligible grantees, prioritization criteria, and the process for the review and approval of grants, can be found in the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority's Grant Program Guidelines.

Development of the Request for Proposals

The Governing Board considered a draft request for proposals (RFP) at its June 9, 2017 meeting.

Materials related to the RFP from the June 9, 2017 meeting can be found here:

Grantmaking Timeline

The Authority plans to release the first request for proposals in September 2017 and make the first round of grants in early 2018.