San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

SFBRA Projects

San Francisco BayOn April 11, 2018, the Governing Board of the Restoration Authority awarded the first round of grants funded by Measure AA. Further information on these grants can be found below.

Table of Authorized Projects

Date of Authorization Project Grantee Grant Amount Staff Recommendation Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project, Phase 2 Ducks Unlimited, Inc. & California Wildlife Foundation $7,421,730 SBSP Phase 2.pdf Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project for Economic Impact Area 11 Santa Clara Valley Water District (District) $4,439,406 South SF Shoreline Project.pdf Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 Restoring wetland-upland transition zone habitat in the North Bay with STRAW Point Blue Conservation Science $2,661,264 Restoring Wetland Uplands Transition.pdf Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 Montezuma Tidal and Seasonal Wetlands Restoration Project — Phase I Tidal Wetlands Area Montezuma Wetlands LLC (MWLLC) $1,610,000 Montezuma Wetlands Restoration Project.pdf Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 Deer Island Basin Phase I Tidal Wetlands Restoration Project Marin County Flood Control District $630,000 Deer Island.pdf Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 San Leandro Treatment Wetland for Pollution Reduction, Habitat Enhancement and Shoreline Resiliency City of San Leandro $539,000 San Leandro Treatment Wetland.pdf Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 Encinal Dune Restoration and Public Access East Bay Regional Park District $450,000 Encinal Dune Restoration.pdf Fact Sheet
4/11/2018 Restoration Strategy for Lower Sonoma Creek Sonoma Land Trust $150,000 Sonoma Creek Baylands Strategy.pdf Fact Sheet