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Dear Friends of the Restoration Authority 


The last few weeks have presented all of us with unprecedented challenges both at home and at work. I hope that you, your family and friends, and your co-workers are all safe and well during this stressful and frightening time. 



Doug McConnell and the OpenRoad team spent time looking at the Authority and the important work being done with Measure AA funding.  The full episode can be viewed here.


Dear Friends of the Restoration Authority,


This message is to let you know how we at the Authority are coping with the Coronavirus outbreak, and what you as a grantee, contractor, prospective grantee, or interested citizen can do to help us keep moving forward.



The Authority tracks the impact and progress of the projects it has funded against a series of performance measures and strategic objectives.  This data is reported annually in the Authority's Annual Reports, and is available through Performance Measure Dashboards hosted on EcoAtlas.

The Performance Measure Dashboards can be found here.